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Recently I had the privilege to be with my grandma in the last days of her life. I had always been her favourite grandson and even though she had been very sick for over a month in hospital, my mum couldn’t understand why she hadn’t passed. She asked to see her son because she felt it was “time to go”, he came and she still didn’t pass. I was in Thailand at the time and I had very strong intuition that she was waiting to see me before she passed.

So I came back early, and managed to have one precious afternoon by her bedside… she passed two days later which was uncanny. But heres what I learned from that experience:

Most people when they get close to death get afraid… They wonder what is next. They wonder if they have lived everything they wanted to live. In the case of my grandmother, she needed that reassurance from me because she had always valued the time we spent together greatly.

In her case, I could tell her that she had lived. She did more than most people of her generation and in fact has still probably travelled more countries of the world than I have done.

But what if she hadn’t and in those last days and moments of her life there existed a regret….. Something she wished she had lived or done.

I leave you with those words and if you feel there is something unexpressed that needs to live, I invite you to come to Fear of Life 15-17th 2016.

With love and gratitude



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