Individual sessions of Bioenergetic Therapy are a great way to work one on one with particular life issues or traumas.

Deep down, we all want to live a happy and fulfulled life. Often people seek out individual sessions when they are not happy with certain aspects of their life or realise they are not living to their lifes potential. Whether it be depression, relationship issues or a lack of fulfillment from sexual experiences, Bioenergetics can help to release the traumas that are usually behind these aspects of ourselves.

The Bioenergetic exercises used, mobilize stuck energy allowing you to let go of negativity and feel more relaxed. After letting go of our “stuff” it is quite common for old patterns of living to change on their own.

Each Individual session lasts approximatley 90 mins and begins with an initial consultation. The process then involves working with your body through the use of specific physical postures in an individual program that is designed for you. Ideally a courseof 3 or more individual sessions is recommended to help you work through specific blocks in different body segments over the course of the sessions.

If you would like more information or would like to discuss this further don’t hesitate to contact me.